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Dear friends,

    Today the company "Auto Tyres" LLC is the largest importer of global tire brands and car batteries on the market of Moldova. Our team is undoubtedly the most experienced and respected in the country. History and experience of working with most tire manufacturers has about 25 years of age. It is possible to make a selection of tire brands and choose the best and most reliable for our market as well as to achieve the most favorable offer for the price of tires and batteries for our customers.

    Today, we are the official representatives and long-term partners of such as global tire brands - Nokian Tires; Continental, Uniroyal, Viking and Matador (Continental concern); Maxxis; TOYO; JinYu; Austone; Invovic; Nereus; RoadX as well as tires manufactured in the CIS countries - Belshina and Rosava. Also we present a car battery of German concern "Johnson Controls" under the brand name Energizer, Tenax, with models Premium class, Plus class and gel batteries AMG class.

    Always in stock we have tires and batteries for cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles as well as trucks, agricultural and special. art.

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Energizer Premium 220x210 Polarity - Left Side Polarity - Right Side
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