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Facts about tires

First. The first tire was patented in 1846 in England, which became an inventor Robert William Thomson at the end of 1889. Commercial development of tires started in a small company in the city of Dublin. This is no other than the company “Dunlop”, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

Then, in 1890. young engineer Childe Kingston Welch offered to separate the camera from the tires, inserted into the edges of the lid and put the wire ring on the rim, which later became the center of the recess (creek rim). At the same time the Englishman Bartlett and Frenchman Didier invented quite acceptable methods of mounting and dismounting of tires.

Who first began to use the tires on cars, are brothers from France Andre and Edouard Michelin. This is another brand of tire company Michelin. To date, the tire "Michelin" (France) can overcome the distance comparable to the circumference of the Earth.

fratii Michelin

In XX century, formed a lot of companies manufacturers of tires, here are some of the greatest: "Dunlop" (England), "Michelin" (France), "Nokian Tyres" (Finland), "BF Goodrich" (USA), "Continental", "Fulda" (Germany),"Pirelli"(Italy), "Bridgestone" (Japan), "Maxxis" (China), "Roadstone" (Korea).


It turns out that the first tires were beige or white, that's why the world-famous symbol of the company Michelin - Bibendum - an inflatable man is white and not black. Only in 1912, when manufacturers began adding carbon as additive and a stabilizing component tire acquired familiar to us black color.

roata alba

Square tire

Strangely enough, the tire can be square. It proved an American Albert Sfredd received a patent for such an invention in 1959. The car wheels with unusual confidence went through the mud, snow and sand at up to 55 km / h.

How was discovered vulcanization?

American Charles Goodyear accidentally discovered the recipe for rubber, which does not soften in heat and does not become brittle in the cold in 1844. He accidentally heated a mixture of rubber and sulfur on the kitchen stove (according to another version, leave a sample of rubber at the furnace). This process is called vulcanization. The process is named after Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

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