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Thursday, 13 February 2020 09:29

New arrival of summer tires Tourador


Tourador Brand is committed to providing comprehensive tyre solutions for passenger cars with innovative technology and outstanding quality products. Driving safely is the product concept pursued by Tourador Brand. Tourador develops high-quality passenger car tyres through new tyre research, technology and development, and meet the different needs of consumers through professional team and services.

Tourador provides smart, innovative tyre products in order to create a safer, more enjoyable and more comfortable driving experience, build a mobile and beautiful life for global users, and implement the brand concept of “TRAVEL YOUR LIFE”.


Good control stability

Outside 3-D lateral design reduces tire deformation at high speed, also support great traction and good high-speed handing.


Great traction

Optimized lateral design makes wonderful hydroplaning performance, also support shorten wet braking distance.


Optimized design

Multi tread radiuses design provides uniform footprint contact pressure, combined with outside tread block design to ensure tyre cornering response time and improve high-speed handing stability.


Low noise

Tread pattern combination and optimized pitch sequence reduce pattern noise.

3 circle drops are wear indicators for end user.

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